Smashing Good Time is the solo project of Jordan Cook, a resident of the off-grid community of Slab City, California - to many a godforsaken place in the desert, with no electricity or running water, - to Jordan a place to be free, loud, and himself.

Jordan set up shop at Slab City’s infamous Skate Park, quickly becoming a treasured fixture of the dynamic music scene and often performing as the in-house drummer for any traveling musicians performing at Slab City’s weekly outdoor venue "The Range." 

He picked up the sticks and took to becoming a drummer. It came easy, but Jordan also had discipline. He knew how to practice for hours on end before studying other percussion instruments, even traveling around the globe, taking an apprenticeship in India at an ashram immersing himself in the art of playing the traditional Tabla Drums. It also was in India, where Jordan found inspiration for meditation practices that quite possibly contribute to him being the incredibly humble, peaceful- and mindful person he is. 

You may find him giving the rhythm to a classical violinist at The Range, or traveling with a punk rock band all the way through England. But for Jordan there was always more to music than just the sticks.

He taught himself to play accordion, keyboards, Glockenspiel, stand-up bass, and of course the guitar. It is that love for learning, that willingness to put in the hours, that insatiable curiosity for anything music, that unlimited creative song writing, that defines who Jordan is as a performer. Someone who pulls dreams into reality.

Smashing Good Time isn’t just music, it’s a living thing, an immersive environment of image and  emotions.

Live-looping, Jordan, and Smashing Good Time are now synonymous for us, Jordan’s friends.